OK, so you don’t get the name PHX SUX. But is it supposed to mean we hate Phoenix?

Not even close. Yet, The Valley of the Spun is what it is. Austin and Portland can keep their weird. Los Angeles is for egotistic twats, New York is for self-loathing pigeons. PHX SUX, but it’s all we’ve got. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you haven’t noticed, Phoenix is a gaping concrete orifice in the middle of a scorched desert landscape that will probably be wiped out by UV rays from the sun in a few climate changing decades. Either it’s a city that’s fucking stupid and should not exist, or it’s the cool, dystopian hell hole that only a bunch of badass biker warriors could survive in. At PHX SUX, we believe it’s both!

We want to talk about what’s what, without the veil of bullshit dominating other local blogs. Phoenix is a dystopia planted in an insufferable environment filled with racists, violent lunatics and desperate criminals. And that doesn’t even include the completely vapid suburbanites that hump the big cock of major league sports, live in identical houses in neighborhoods named meaningless things like “Paradise Valley” and will one day crush their oversized trucks into your shitty car, pushing you into the wall and smushing you like a cockroach.

So this blog isn’t going to try to paint a turd gold. PHX SUX, but that’s totally OK. The city of embers will never be cool.

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