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Bait and Switch: Artist Malena Barnhart's Show at Eye Lounge on Roosevelt

Bait and Switch: Artist Malena Barnhart’s Show at Eye Lounge on Roosevelt

The mélange of youthful feminine iconography is remixed into the shapes of bear traps and spider webs. The contrast with their constituent images creates a dissonance that is at once enticing yet discomforting. Barnhart’s point isn’t that there’s anything wrong with unicorns or princesses or cupcakes per se, but rather, as she put it, how...
Keep On Pushin' - Art, Birth, and Mother's Day

Keep On Pushin’ – Art, Birth, and Mother’s Day

“In many ways, our society still views the female figure as grotesque and that the things that it does are kind of grotesque as well. We’re always trying to clean up those things or beautify them in some way.” Solis wanted “to really embrace the physicality of the experience and to openly show a vagina,...
Getting Obliterated Before Yayoi Kusama's 88th Birthday

Getting Obliterated Before Yayoi Kusama’s 88th Birthday

Forget yourself. Become one with eternity. Become part of your environment.” -Yayoi Kusama There are many reasons why Phoenix sucks. The hellish summer heat, for starters. Our repressive police force, for sure. Terrible drivers, Scottsdale douchebags, gentrification turncoats (enjoy your filthy airport lucre), and at least a hundred other factors combine to paint a picture...
Everyone Is Royalty For 15 Minutes In Kehinde Wiley's New Republic

Everyone Is Royalty For 15 Minutes In Kehinde Wiley’s New Republic

We take a look at the Phoenix Art Museum's Kehinde Wiley exhibit. Is it worth the special exhibition price, or is it a case of don't believe the hype?