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Give your ears a tickle with Wax Castle. They only started a few months ago, but they put out a two-song cassingle “Slime Tape” last month through Moone Records. It’s like old-skool post punk with an emphasis on the punk. Catchy, dark, a bit like Agent Orange or Ceremony.

But if that isn’t proof these guys are talent, just look at their resume: The current lineup is Danny (Webs, Bear State), Josh (Dent), Josh R. (Sleep Money, Detatched Objects, Soft Shoulder), and Mikey (Detached Objects, Soft Shoulder). That’s pretty representative of some of the best punk acts in town.

Wax Castle is working on a full-length and playing as many shows in town as they can, plus maybe touring a little. So watch for that.

If Facechoke is your thing, here’s their page so you can add it to your ever-growing and increasingly-unmanageable ‘feed.’ FEED FEED FEED.


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