Do you think the 45th president is enabling fascism even more than former heads of state have? We at PHX SUX see the argument, and have some reporters on the street today. Stay safe out there…


As of 4:00 AZ TIME:

Trump gets to feel even more like the asshole billionaire from ‘Fantasy Island…’


As of 5:00 AZ TIME

As of 5:40 AZ TIME

Protesters on third street with home made signs and giant novelty fascism plushies. 

As of 6:00 AZ TIME

Rally at the Herberger set to begin. Crowds are funneling in from the light rail. 

As of 6:20 AZ TIME

As of 6:30 AZ TIME 


protesters start filling the area side of the convention center with anti KKK posters.




As of 7:00 AZ TIME

Chester Cheetoh is about to open his blabbering mouth to the hordes of yuppie core duck dynasty fuckwads. We’ll update you on what he says. 

As of 9:30 

Police go apeshit, shoot people with rubber bullets, gas and pepper spray outside of the convention center. The protest was peaceful, but escalated into an Orwellian scene when a lone agitator threw a plastic water bottle. Police, unable to find a peaceful solution to this, exposed a crowd including children and elderly people to dangerous chemicals. The consensus was that the police wanted to clear the streets at the end of Trump’s self agrandizing speech. Protesters mostly made it out safely, relying on friends and social media to check up on each other and stay informed. 3rd street was a no go. 


As of 10:30 AZ TIME

Click picture for link to video.


This is the truck that tried to run people over in Phoenix, AZ.
His plate is BXE1308

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