photo by Troy Farah

They don’t think it be like it is but it do. Exxxtra Crispy knows it & you do too. There’s no time for waiting. The gods offer chances & these songs are an opportunity for adventure. Exxxtra Crispy is special. Confusion haunts him. Maybe something is different this time?

Three years of writing & several failed experiments later, this batch of magic came to fruition. Exxxtra Crispy reminds everyone to always try new things. Quit your job! Start stealing! Make love in a parked car! Drink more wine! Get a pitbull from your weed dealer! Ride the white pony! The world is your shitty oyster.

Punk is an onion, ripe & ready for Exxxtra Crispy to pull another layer back & reveal new life. Humans are scumbags & we know it but we won’t change. What the fuck is wrong with us? Rock n roll can teach us about a lot of things & we have so much left to learn. Life is stranger all the time.

I can still see them now. Tiny shimmering volcanos. Her eyes melt through me & I slip into a warm embrace. This album is about letting go. Doing bad things. Hanging out in dirty alleys. Brain salad surgery. Drugs. Whatever the moment demands of us.

Exxxtra Crispy thrives in the shadows & they are the saviors of rock n roll. Perverted pirates. Wicked wizards. They’re hungry & foolish. Are they heroes? Are they villains? Exxxtra Crispy doesn’t have time to listen to your bullshit. They got work to do.

-Ricky Heylee

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