Editor’s note: Indy was involved in the production of this video, so treat this exchange as a conversation between artists. Hey, if Interview Magazine can do it, so can we.

Although Snailmate is currently on tour, they still make time to put out music and content for the people back home wishing them well. Just recently they debuted their latest album Love In The Microwave shortly after releasing the anticipated music video for fan favorite “The Waiter”. It’s a song not about those who serve us at restaurants but the people like you and me who spend a lot of our time waiting. Below is a short interview with the band’s singer and keyboardist Kalen Lander.

Indy: What inspired the song originally?

Kalen: Waiting. I wrote it about 8 years ago… We’ve all had those people in our lives who are never on time. Our stoner buddies who tell you they’re on their way even though they haven’t left the house yet. Waiting for things to happen… we all spend a healthy chunk of our lives doing it I think. But, it’s not about working in the service industry, though I know that plight all too well also.

Indy: Nice. I always thought the “not because I’m a waiter” line was great.

Kalen: Thanks!

Indy: On a different but related subject, how’s your tour going? Where have you been, where are you going, what was bad and what was good?

Kalen: Tour is going great! The bus broke down in Iowa and we had to limp it to a couple shows, but we didn’t have to cancel and thats all that matters. Then we had to cut a giant hole in the floor of the bus and replace the fuel pump. We saved about $1000 by doing it ourselves and we pretty proud haha. We are not mechanics by any stretch but we are being forced to learn. We just played Chicago for a Spring Awakening after party, and tomorrow we are picking up copies of our new album in Grand Rapids! We are going to be going all over the Midwest and North West..
Playing Minneapolis Pride Fest! And the UFO Festival in Roswell! And Evel Knievel days in Butte, MT. Plus a ton of cool shows in between that we are really excited for. It’s gonna be a good summer!

Indy: That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear more as everything goes. How long are you guys on tour for?

Kalen: As long as the bus keeps running then it’s gonna be rad! We are out until the end of August, so we are about half way through.

Indy: Radical! And do you think you’ll be doing more videos come August? Or will we have to wait and see?

Kalen: I sure hope so! My goal is to have one for every track on “Love in the Microwave” so I’m going to be seeking out a bunch of different visual artists to collaborate with! People are really loving “the waiter”! You kicked ass on it!

Indy: Aww shucks.

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