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Watch Snailmate's New Video "The Waiter"

Watch Snailmate’s New Video “The Waiter”

Snailmate just recently they debuted their latest album Love In The Microwave shortly after releasing the anticipated music video for fan favorite “The Waiter”.
PREMIERE: Paper Foxes's "Indica Feels"

PREMIERE: Paper Foxes’s “Indica Feels”

Their auras throb outward. Though the band members are in black-and-white, the external manifestations of their inner beings are anything but. Last but not least, rising from the bottom center of the screen, a six-armed Christopher James Jacobson emerges. Although his arms and posture echo the Indian mother goddess of destruction and creation Kali, Christopher’s...
Soft Deadlines, redactions, and the modern intelligence state

Soft Deadlines, redactions, and the modern intelligence state

It’s common enough to go check out a local band, and find some musicians that clearly got a handle on their craft and a cohesive sound.  But every once in a while one of those damned hooks get stuck in your head and you just have to go home with a copy.  After repeated exposure,...