PHX SUX and Fine Art Complex 1101 are proud to announce a special Night of Neuralgia, “Nasty Women: Noisy Women” to be held on inauguration day at the Fine Art Complex 1101 in Tempe. This event exclusively features Phoenix area women performing live noise and avant-garde music as part of national Nasty Women Exhibition initiative.

Fine Art Complex 1101

Nasty Women: Noisy Women

January 20, 2017 6:30-10:00pm (fakebook event)
presented by PHX SUX and Fine Art Complex 1101
1101 West University Dr Unit #103 (street view)
Tempe, AZ 85281

The show is being held in coordination with the “Nasty Women: Phoenix Unite” art exhibition at the Grand ArtHaus from January 14th to 20th at 1501 Grand Ave downtown. All proceeds from voluntary (but encouraged) donations will go to Planned Parenthood.


We are calling for artists:

  • Hung artwork (paintings, photography, etc) and sculptures should be submitted to the Phoenix Nasty Women website for display at the Grand ArtHaus
  • Video art will be projected during Noisy Women sets and around Fine Art Complex 1101. Submit these to Hannah Irene Walsh ([email protected]) or PHX SUX via farcebook.
  • Noisy Women is particularly interested in poetry to be printed and displayed during the event, also can have a few 2-3 minute readings during set transitions.
  • Noisy Women is generally interested in any ideas that can be presented in the space available…. that doesn’t require a quiet environment to enjoy anyway. Please send poems and ideas to the Fine Art Complex 1101 via their contact page.

This event is hosted by the Fine Art Complex 1101 whose mission is to bring the very best in contemporary art to Arizona while supporting the growth and development of the art community in the greater Southwest region. Toward this end we offer rotating exhibitions that showcase local work as well as that of national and internationally renowned artists.

The musical acts are presented by PHX SUX Night of Neuralgia who holds noise and experimental events on a regular basis at rotating venues.

The musical acts

Lana del Rabies

Lana del Rabies is the solo electronic project of media artist Sam An. She creates rhythmic chaos from digital and analog sources. She has work on Deathbomb Arc records and Records Ad Nauseam.


E Alo composes melodic, rhythmic, instrumental, stories from scratch. Music has always had a deep emotional effect on her, and she hopes to inspire positive feelings in those who take in her sonic expression. She wants to warm hearts, touch souls, and move feets!

Aesthetically Sound

From opening for blockhead to after parties for producers like eastghost, to playing Beat shows all over Arizona at venues like last exit live, Tempe tavern, thirdspace etc, Aesthetically Sound is a DJ, producer, and artist on the come up and has been doing it for only about a year. Ranging from original ambient tracks to twerk, to moombah, to deep house, the range of sounds and feels is broad enough to vibe out for awhile.

Chelsea Claire is an Arizona-based Actor, Model, Punk Singer and Noise Musician. She is currently a part of two music projects, Kill Follins and Fugly Chuds, and she enjoys collaborating with artists in as many mediums as possible, as well as supporting the art community.

DJ [Sin]aptik

DJ [Sin]aptik is Dr. Shelby Cave. She spins at fetish, industrial, aggrotech, EBM, power noize, rhythmic noize, punk, metal and goth events for night clubs as well as traditional and online radio stations. She has been active as a DJ and promoter of underground and independent artists since 1997, and is currently the owner/DJ/promoter behind Dark Ceremony Entertainment.

Jessica Dzielinski is a Phoenix based art and music maker who draws inspiration from colors, patterns, textures, and found oddities, both natural and human-derived.

Althea Pergakis and Jennifer Anderson both hold BAs in a made-up subject from a local university. They like making weird shit, preferably in exchange for money.