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PREMIERE: Paper Foxes's "Indica Feels"

PREMIERE: Paper Foxes’s “Indica Feels”

Their auras throb outward. Though the band members are in black-and-white, the external manifestations of their inner beings are anything but. Last but not least, rising from the bottom center of the screen, a six-armed Christopher James Jacobson emerges. Although his arms and posture echo the Indian mother goddess of destruction and creation Kali, Christopher’s...
'You Weren't There' Exhibit Captures Phx Punk History With No Context [Fotos]

‘You Weren’t There’ Exhibit Captures Phx Punk History With No Context [Fotos]

I’ve visited “You Weren’t There” twice so far, and the one thing that leaped out at me both times I was there was the lack of context. But the lack of any kind of explanation for what we see at “You Weren’t There” MAKES the exhibition and gives it a certain power that detailed scholarship...