Do you miss the days of good Shoegaze? If you only listen to music published by mainstream record labels, (first off, what the fuck are you doing here?) then you may think that these kinds of music are dead; a cold relic of the distant past. Well, you’d be wrong. Phoenix may be a barren wasteland of beige bullshit, but at least the music is good. Hitting up local venues around Roosevelt row yields some pretty kick-ass experiences like Citrus Clouds, a trio from Maryvale. Bringing us the soft tones of ambient synths, hearty bass lines, and chilled vocals.  A style that has been sorely missed, but still thrives with the beating pulse of the Indie scene.

Artwork by Joe Gonzalez


The “Life Happens” music video premiers on PHX SUX showcasing some of the Maryvale culture the “Vibrant Village,” like local graffiti surrounding skate parks. The visuals are calming and colorful, an intentional choice to match the dulcet tones of the group producing it. Listen to the entire album on their bandcamp. It’s stellar. Or hit them up on Facebook, they deserve the press.

Garrett Farah is a student at Phoenix College and writes in his free time.

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